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What Tres Dias Means to Me

Rev. Billy Hill, Interim Pastor
Richland Baptist Church

My name is Billy Hill. I attended Middle Tennessee Tres Dias #1 where I sat at the Table of Peter. My wife Monta Jo and I worship at Richland Baptist Church. I dont know if I've got a lot of words to explain what my weekend meant to me. We were already in the pastorate. We'd been to many, many Bible classes, had taken study courses, done all the training that you can do through Southern Baptist work. None of that, not anything that I had done as far as study as far as trying to walk closer to the Lord, none of that equals any part of a Tres Dias weekend. It was one of the most precious weekends of our lives.

When I got back from my weekend I told Monta Jo, Now when you get back I want us to sit down and talk and if your weekend is anything like my weekend I want us to try to send anyone who will go in our church through a weekend. And thats what we did and what we saw from those as they came back was another excitement for us in the Lord. Not everyone that came back was excited as most but then I began to realize that these weekends are for church leaders. Those who are desiring a closer walk with their lord, those who desire to know more of what the Lord wants them to do in their service to him in their local church. It was such an uplifting exciting weekend for me.

The first two days I just thought, I dont know why I'm here. I've done all this, I've seen all this, then the last day He began to show me very early in the morning that I was there for a purpose. It was to see him in a different light to see him through different eyes including my spiritual eyes. I met some of the finest servants of God on my weekend and on the weekends that I've been so privileged to serve since then. I've made friends not just here in Middle Tennessee, but literally all over the world. I've met people and served with people who are serving the Lord on Tres Dias weekends throughout the world. It's just so exciting, even as I sit here and write I get so excited.

I just came off a weekend and you know how high you are, you are so excited. You have seen God's hand at work and every weekend that I have served on, every one of them are different but exciting, uplifting seeing God's hand at work in peoples lives. Seeing peoples lives change, peoples lives that maybe they felt like they'd gone as far as they could in their ministry or their spiritual life or their spiritual service to their local churches to see them uplifted and excited again and sent back to their home church wanting to serve God and wanting to serve the people in their church wanting to reach out to a lost and dying world. It's exciting to see people in three days get so spiritually high, so excited for the Lord and then to see it carry over in the days ahead. So if I could say anything about the weekend that I attended or weekends that I have served on, if I could I would recommend it to a pastor or to a lay leader or to anyone in their church.

You'll say "Well tell me more about it. Let me know whats going on, what do they do?" The best thing I can say for you to do is to go. I cant put into words all that God will do for you on that weekend. Some of the things I can tell you to do that will be done. You will receive some of the most beautiful friends, that will last a lifetime. Youll hear some of the most beautiful singing. You wont ever forget the songs and the beautiful voices that you hear. Youll hear some of the most precious testimonies. God's word will be presented to you every moment you are there.
If someone has told you that Tres Dias is something other than a spiritual weekend let me say up front that I put my reputation on the line. Nothing will happen to you there. No one will be presented to you there other than Christ himself and the only thing that will be presented to you will be the scriptures.

And the most precious time that I can think of is being with brothers and sisters that have gone through their Tres Dias weekends and to see how God is blessing and using them as they go out into their daily life after their weekend.

I would recommend it to any pastor, to any Bible believing individual. I just know it will make you a better witness for Christ. And not only that, it will make you a better servant of Christ. It will not only make you love your pastor more it will give you the incentive to love your church family more than ever before. You'll love your family. Let me back up. You will love God, yourself, your family your church family and those that you work with more than ever in your life. Not only will you hear about love, you will see love this whole weekend.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a closer walk with God. Anyone who would love to see his hand at work in their life. I would recommend it to any denominational worker, any church worker, any born again Christian. This weekend is for Gods children. It's to uplift them. To bring them closer into relationship with him and with all of his family.

All the bible studies I've had before. All the retreats I've been on. All the studies of God's word that I had done before, were all good. I dont want to say that any of the past studies that Ive ever done of God's word were not good. I'm just saying this weekend for someone who already believes the word, has studied the word, and in the word, that this is something that will encourage you, that will excite you. Every moment on your weekend will be exciting. There will be no down time, there will be no dull time. There's something going on all the time. God has a plan for you on this weekend. It may be a little different than my weekend, but I promise you this. He will meet you there face to face. He will hold your hand and walk with you through this whole weekend. It will be one of the most uplifting, strengthening times that youve ever had through study of his word. Not only will you study His word, you will see his word alive all around you. Youll see Jesus walking with you while youre there.

In closing let me say God bless you. My prayer is that you will experience a Tres Dias weekend, and that you will attend one wherever this message is read.

Whoever reads it, I pray it makes sense to you and it will be an encouragement to you to go and witness God's hand at work and attend a weekend. I'm not saying that's the only place where He works, no, no, no, no. But I am saying getting away for three days with his servants, He will bless you. He will strengthen you. So God bless. We love you.

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